The Teams

We are a multi-service business so can help clients in many different ways. Having this diversity means we can offer you a wider range of opportunities as to where you would like to work. 

This means just because you start your journey with Dains in one team that you cannot change paths and join another.  Flexibility is key so that you can find the right role for you which matches your skill set and ambition.


As someone completely new to accountancy, I’ve found you always need to strike the right balance between specialist skills and interpreting them in a way that is accessible to everyone. At Dains, this happens very easily as you can always rely on the other departments to guide you, granting you all their knowledge and experience, as you focus on what that means for your client.

It's also great for your own development because as you build these work relationships, you begin to see where everything fits into the wider accountancy picture, and you become very well-rounded. Over the course of working in two departments, I’ve had conversations with six, which shows the potential of the internal network we have.