Working in Customs & VAT

Our Customs and VAT team is fluid and dynamic, so they need to adapt on the fly, share knowledge, and be agile. 

You’ll be working with experienced specialists across all of our offices.  As part of this team, we have a Customs Agency that handles imports and exports. 

How our team describe working in customs & VAT: Challenging Rewarding Fast-paced

What you could be doing

The work is very varied and very client centric.  We spend a lot of time meeting with clients to understand their business and their problems.  When clients ask questions it’s important, we identify what the real issue is as businesses don’t always know what questions they should be asking.  Nosiness is a requirement of the job!

For example, you could be providing advice on any of the following areas:

  • Efficient structures for international businesses
  • Commodity Code, origin and procedure code reviews and claims
  • International networks
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Customs Agency (eg imports, exports, transit, carnets, and warehouse entries)
  • Helpline – a service for clients who need general advice on Customs VAT
  • VAT & Customs compliance – VAT returns and customs entries
  • VAT queries

Businesses have suffered unexpected costs and margin reductions since Britain left the EU.  We help them work through this and give them advice to get them back on the road.  If you’re curious about imports and exports and how international trade works, this could be your team.

Key roles and progression

The nature of our work requires us to work together as a group of experts to achieve the ultimate goals of our clients. 

Example Career Ladder

Key Skills


Ability to be naturally curious and ask why enough to be able to get to the real issues.

Drive & Energy

Enthusiasm to push forward and constantly wanting to know more and be better.


Understanding how a clients future aspirations could be benefited from other service areas within the business and to collaborate with them.

Great friendly and helpful team; Its refreshing to work within a team where everyone is on the same page, we have gone through some challenges since starting within the customs sector but those challenges keep the job interesting and helps us to continue to strive to become better than we are.

Current Jobs in Customs & VAT

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Are you inquisitive, outcome-focused and a natural problem solver? This unique opportunity to join Dains Accountants VAT & Customs team could be your ideal career opportunity.