Working in Indirect Tax & VAT

The indirect tax & VAT team do business in different ways and depending on the type of business depends on which team you would work in, such as large corporations (large turnover, owner managed businesses, and multinationals that trade globally), SMEs, and not-for-profits.  The goal is to minimize their clients’ tax burdens as much as possible, and ensure that they comply with legal and statutory obligations to avoid interest and penalties. The complex nature of VAT requires this team to work fast.

The team is made up of people based in our Birmingham and Derby offices. Our team anticipates opportunities and future issues created by legislation changes so we can give clients proactive advice and opinion.

How our team describe working in Indirect Tax & VAT: Challenging Fast-paced Rewarding

What you could be doing

In this team, you could be:

An outsourced compliance or consulting facility

Consulting eg global contract negotiation, logistics and changes to supply chain, property transactions, legislative change and business project specific advice or partial exemption, property, asset finance services, education and the cross-border supply of goods and services

  • VAT Inspections, Assessments and Litigation
  • Cashflow – by managing VAT processes and procedures
  • VAT claims and disclosures
  • VAT structures
  • VAT liability for construction services


If you’re good at thinking on your feet, this could be a good team for you.

Key roles and progression

The nature of our work requires us to work together as a group of experts to achieve the ultimate goals of our clients. 

Example Career Ladder

Key Skills


Working together is how we achieve the best results.


Keeping on top of the latest tax & VAT developments is vital for this role as this enables you to give the best possible client service.


The ability to think on your feet and adapt to a client's changing needs is essential for this team.

Current Jobs in Indirect Tax & VAT:

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